National Housing Fund (NHF) Loans

For individuals opting for a mortgage generated through a contributory fund where contributors pay 2.5% of their monthly income to the fund and are in return eligible to access mortgage loan of up to a maximum of N15million.

  • NHF loans are for the following - Construction, Purchase, Home-Improvement, Home-Completion
  • Equity down payment of a minimum of 10%
  • Interest rate of 6% fixed throughout the duration of the loan
  • Tenor of 30years maximum

Salary Advance - SALAD

A consumer loan product aimed at bridging the funding gaps of a customer to enable him meet personal needs before his salary is paid.

  • For confirmed employeed in public or private sector with determinable monthly income
  • Cusomters's salary account must NOT be domiciled with FGMB
  • Accessible amount of 50% of net salary
  • Available within the month. Payable end of same month/point of next salary
  • Flexible collateral option

Mortgage Overdraft Facility

A facility meant to bridge gap in working capital. Strictly for business purpose. Available to individuals,   entrepreneurs, corporate organizations, co-operatives and government establishments.

  • Available only in current and corporate accounts which must be at least 6 months old
  • Competitive Interest Rate
  • Renewable at the end of every month
  • Flexible collateral option